Satoria LLC promotes eco-efficiency and enhances social capital for businesses, educational institutions and governments.

Operating sustainably in a marketplace of higher resource costs, stricter regulations and greener consumer expectations requires new ways of thinking and acting.

Satoria helps organizations re-think and re-engineer their operations to be sustainable.

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Peter Crawley,
Principal Consultant






Through a consulting partnership approach, Satoria offers services in the following areas:

Organizational Sustainability

  • Sustainability Planning & Gap Analysis
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventories
  • Measurement, Goal Setting & Sustainability Reporting
  • Life Cycle Assessment

Real Estate

  • Sustainable Development Master Planning
  • Green Feature Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • Public Permitting Strategies
  • Energy Efficiency Strategies

Training & Education

  • Sustainability Leadership Training
  • Plan Implementation Training
  • Environmental Awareness & Behavioral Change Training
  • Tenant Engagement Programs